Zi Health Services Research Conference 2017: “Learning from the regions – benefit for all?” (Berlin)

September 13-14, 2017  |   Berlin, Germany

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September 13-14, 2017


Berlin, Germany Regional

Differences in Health Care: Learning from the Regions- a Benefit for all?

With the health care atlas project the Zi has been intensively focusing on this topic since 2011, which has become increasingly important for health care supply. Ensuring a nationwide health services coverage of the population as homogeneously as possible will be one of the major challenges in the coming years and decades, especially taking into account the projected demographic and health care-building developments in Germany for medical professionals. This in mind the Zi would like to continue the exchange of expertise and to further anchor this important topic in Germany. The conference addresses physicians from the different Medical Societies and Associations in Germany.


The conference homepage is available at www.zi-hsrc-berlin.de.

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