Wennberg International Collaborative Fall Research Meeting 2015 (London)

September 2-4, 2015  |   London, UK

Event Details


September 2-4, 2015


The Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK

Conference Reception and Dinner

Reception on September 2 at the New Academic Building at the London School of Economics

Dinner on September 3 from at  Simpson’s-in-the-Strand

Conference Materials

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Conference Presentations

Jörg Bätzing-­Feigenbaum
Longitudinal regional analyses of antibiotic consumption in statutory health care insured patients in Germany Since 2008

Mike Barry
Getting to the Right Rate: The Role of Informed Patients

Enrique Bernal-Delgado
Variation in excess cases of adverse events amenable to health care: Low value care with budgetary impact

Marina Davoli
Geographic variation of access and outcome of health care in Italy: Estimating the role of hospital and primary care

Elliott Fisher
Policy and payment responses to variation in health care value

Sandra Garcia-Armnesto
Developing a disinvestment strategy for the Spanish National Health Service

Catherine Gerard
Engaging with policymakers to address the findings of variations analyses

David Goodman
Regional variation in newborn special care in the United States

Brendon Kearney
Population Health Research Network: Activities and Opportunities

lmo Keskimäki
Investigating geographic and time trends for equity in healthcare

Céu Mateus
A spatiotemporal analysis of C-section rates in Portuguese NHS hospitals

Grégoire Mercier
Geographic Variation in Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations in the Languedoc-Roussillon Region, France

Sabina Nuti
Variation in primary care: Insights from the Tuscany region

Frede Olesen
Towards explanations of variation

Dominik von Stillfried
Variation in ambulatory care for non-institutionalized patients with dementia in Germany

Philipp Storz-Pfennig
Problems with Medical Science”: Perception of research needs in the Dartmouth Atlas publications from 1996 to the present

Diane Watson
Monitoring and reporting unwarranted variation across all of a nation’s public and private hospitals and primary health care

William Weeks
Substantial geographic variation in French mental health admission rates suggest cultural differences in admitting practices


Bertelsmann Stiftung
The Dartmouth Institute For Health Policy and Clinical Practice
The London School of Economics and Political Science