2016 Fall Research Meeting Presentations

Bevan, Gwyn “The Impacts of Institutional Arrangements on Unwarranted Variations in Health Care”

Di Martino, Mirko “Avoidable variation in the different phases of myocardial infarction clinical pathway in Italy”

Groenewoud, Stef “Preferences in end of life care substantially differ between the Netherlands and Japan”

Kim, Yoon “Associations among hospital bed supply, utilization, and mortality by the casemix of inpatients in Korea”

Klemperer, David “Coronary angiography and percutaneous intervention (PCI) for patients with chest pain and coronary heart disease”

Kristensen, Pia “Geographical variation in acute readmission among hip fracture patients in Denmark”

Lee, Jim Yong “Establishing the optimal hospital access time for pregnant women living in obstetric care underserved area in Korea: Using change point analysis”

Mercier, Grégoire & Vera Georgescu “Are potentially avoidable hospitalizations a good measure of access to primary care in France?

Nilsson, Mats “Swedish quality registers in healthcare- a gold-mine or just GIGO”

Shigeoka, Hitoshi “Supplier-induced demand for newborn treatment: evidence from Japan”

Schulz, Mandy ”Future relative utilization of SHI-physicians: A small-area projection by specialty for the 2020-2035 period”
Smith, Merran “Health care variation research and PHRN infrastructure”

Stukel, Therese “Ontario Health Links: an organizational policy initiative that targets high need, high cost patients”