2014 Conference Presentations

Thursday AM

Divya Srivastava: Geographic variations in health care: What do we know and what can be done to improve health system performance?

Arnaud Fouchard: The French policy on medical practice variations

Luke Slawomirski: Exploring healthcare variation in Australia

Thursday PM

Stef Groenewoud: How to disclose understandable information about unwarranted variation for the public?

Sabina Nuti: A quantitative method for setting targets and priorities including unwarranted variation reduction in the Italian healthcare system

Thérèse Stukel: Variations in quality indicators across physician networks

Enrique Bernal-Delgado: Adding time-dependent effects to the evaluation of geographic variation

Friday AM

Bill Davenhall: Getting noticed: Telling better stories

Claudia Berlin: Variation of treatment of acute myocardial infarction in Swiss hospitals: Do hospital and regional characteristics matter?

Radoslaw Panczak: The geography of end of life care in Switzerland

Xhyljeta Luta: Variation in mental health care use at the end of life in Switzerland

Brendon Kearney: Demonstrating the benefits of a National Data Linkage Infrastructure

Marina Davoli: Is quality of data challenging communication to policy makers and the general public? The example of the Italian NHS outcome evaluation program

Friday PM

Dominik Graf von Stillfried: To what extent do we need to take account of systematic relationships between inpatient and outpatient care when analyzing regional variation?