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2015 Conference Presentations

Jörg Bätzing-­Feigenbaum - Longitudinal regional analyses of antibiotic consumption in statutory health care insrued patients in Germany Since 2008

Mike Barry - Getting to the Right Rate: The Role of Informed Patients

Enrique Bernal-Delgado - Variation in excess cases of adverse events amenable to health care: Low value care with budgetary impact

Marina Davoli - Geographic variation of access and outcome of health care in Italy: Estimating the role of hospital and primary care

Elliott Fisher - Policy and payment responses to variation in health care value

Sandra Garcia-Armnesto - Developing a disinvestment strategy for the Spanish National Health Service

Catherine Gerard - Engaging with policymakers to address the findings of variations analyses

David Goodman - Regional variation in newborn special care in the United States

Brendon Kearney - Population Health Research Network: Activities and Opportunities

lmo Keskimäki - Investigating geographic and time trends for equity in healthcare

Céu Mateus - A spatiotemporal analysis of C-section rates in Portuguese NHS hospitals

Grégoire Mercier - Geographic Variation in Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations in the Languedoc-Roussillon Region, France

Sabina Nuti - Variation in primary care: Insights from the Tuscany region

Frede Olesen - Towards explanations of variation

Dominik von Stillfried - Variation in ambulatory care for non-institutionalized patients with dementia in Germany

Philipp Storz-Pfennig - “Problems with Medical Science”: Perception of research needs in the Dartmouth Atlas publications from 1996 to the present

Diane Watson - Monitoring and reporting unwarranted variation across all of a nation’s public and private hospitals and primary health care

William Weeks - Substantial geographic variation in French mental health admission rates suggest cultural differences in admitting practices