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Heejung Son (South Korea) - Regional Accessibility of High Volume Gastric Cancer Surgery And Medical Use in South Korea

David Klemperer and Kathrin Schlößler (Germany) - Which Factors Influence The Regional Rate of Invasive Coronary Angiography? A Qualitative Study For Suspected Stable Coronary Heart Disease

Mark Adams (Switzerland) - Patent Ductus Arteriosus Ligation - What is the ideal rate?

Daniel Adrian Lungu and Francesca Pennucci (Italy) - The role of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in managing geographical variation in orthopaedic elective surgery

Daniel Adrian Lungu (Italy) - Does the Surgical Technique have an impact on Unwarranted Geographical Variation for Benign Hysterectomy?

Thérèse Stukel (Canada) - Is Higher System Spending Intensity Associated with Better Acute Care Outcomes in the USA & Canada?

Thérèse Stukel (Canada) - Disussion from the 'Economic & economitic analyses of medical practive variations' session

Tim Wilson and Karen Chumbley (United Kingdom) - Providing greater value for people at the end of life

Richard Hamblin and Catherine Gerard (New Zealand)Improving quality when there is no ideal rate: Antibiotic resistance, GP antibiotic prescribing and behavioural insights

Richard Hamblin and Catherine Gerard (New Zealand) - Why Won't It Change? The Influence Of Health System Design And Culture On Reducing Unwarranted Variation

Isabel Geiger (Germany) - Quantifying needs-based supply of physicians: A systematic review and critical assessment of international studies

Kjetil Telle (Norway) - Effects of travel time on Healthcare Utilization: Evidence from Norway

Julia Frank-Tewaag (Germany) - Use of recommended drug therapies before percutaneous coronary intervention

Hélène Aschmann (Switzerland) - Considering individual risks and preferences to inform patient centered care and shared decision making