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2019 WIC Fall Meeting

Oct 2-4

The 2019 Fall Meeting of the Wennberg International Collaborative will take place in Oxford, UK on October 2-4

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BMJ Open

Caesarean section in uninsured women in the USA: systematic review and meta-analysis

Hoxha I, Braha M, Syrogiannouli L, et al.

March 2019

International Journal of Health Geographics

Ludovico Pinzari, Soumya Mazumdar, and Federico Girosi

A framework for the identification and classification of homogeneous socioeconomic areas in the analysis of health care variation

October 2018

Danish Medical Journal

Anne Sofie Orup Larsen, Troels Kristensen, Jesper Lykkegaard, Frans Boch

Use of preventive home visits by general practitioners in patients diagnosed with dementia

December 2018

New Zealand Medical Journal

Inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics following discharge after major surgery: an area for improvement

Mary De Almeida, Catherine Gerrard, Joshua T Freeman, Eamon Du, Sally A Roberts

June 2018

International Journal for Quality in Health Care

Medical practice variation: public reporting a first necessary step to spark change

Gert P Westert, Stef Groenewoud, John E Wennberg, Catherine Gerard, Phil DaSilva, Femke Atsma, David C Goodman

April 2018


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2019 WIC Fall Reserach Meeting

Date: October 2 - 4, 2019

Location:  Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, England

Details: This meeting is by invitation only.

To inquire about attendance, please contact:

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Zi Health Services Research Congress 2019

Date: June 5 & 6, 2019

Location: Villa Elisabeth and St. Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin, Germany

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The Wennberg Anthology

Collected Studies of Health Care: Outcomes and Practice Variation

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